My Views from the Wheels

Every story has a beginning,

every moment has an origin,

every book written has an introduction.

As for me, “My Views from the Wheels” was an idea gifted by a very good friend of mine who encourages me to share what I see, feel and experienced with the world. The title of my blog is literally my views from a 5 feet height of a comfortable chair with two sporty wheels attached to both sides. Confused? You will see from the photos I will eventually share in this blog.

With this platform, I will share the many wonderful places I have been to accompanied with commentary about the extend of barrier free/accessibility for adventurous seekers who decided to take their wheelchair for a solo trip. I have always believe that any form of disability should not be consider a liability but an opportunity for you to see the world in ways others would not be able to. Sometimes it brings out the courage you never knew you had and talents or skills that would otherwise lay dormant.

I do hope that this blog of mine will be able to infuse some if not a minute of positivity, courage, love and inspiration to your every day lives.

At the majestic Sydney Opera House

“Run to the Roar”– Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson


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