Often a time when I shared with my friends that I’m flying alone or some part of the journey I might be on my own, I was often greeted with amazement and wide eyed as they couldn’t believe how brave I am to do so. Honestly, I was kind of afraid every single time I decided to fly or travel alone. Wild and anxious thoughts jumbled in mind; my faithful wheelchair might be lost along the journey or case of flattened tires or misplaced luggage or cancelled flights. I can literally tell you millions of worries that I have when I was alone but I could not resist the temptation of seeing the world out there! Seeing through my eyes how each and everyone go about in their daily lives never cease to bring amazement. Every place that I go to, I quote and adapted from Forest Gump “Every destination was like a box of chocolates, you never know what adventures you are going to get”.

Now enough of the introduction, let’s start our journey together!

I flew to Brisbane via Singapore Airlines as I wouldn’t and couldn’t rave enough how SIA always exceed my expectations on how well they handled disabled passengers. If you have decided to travel on your own, rest assured they will know how to best accommodate your request. On a side note, if you need to go to the bathroom during the flight do request for them to open up two bathrooms as some might not remember to do so. That way you can have a larger space with the cabin wheelchair in it.

The public transports in Queensland take into consideration the needs of disabled passengers and the pavements are flat with gentle slops which are ideal to maneuver around freely. I did not get to take the public transport when I was in Brisbane but I took buses when I was in Sunshine Coast so I guess it should be quite the same. The buses in Sunshine Coast were very wheelchair accessible as the bus drivers would lower down the side of the bus and place down the ramp when you need to go in. It was so convenient!

I would describe the places of attractions that I have been to using the 💪 emoji to describe how accessible because very often you will need those arm muscles to bring you to places.  From 💪 to 💪 💪 💪 💪💪 which indicates very accessible to accessible which requires lots of strength to maneuver. Please hover over the photos to read the caption.

A stroll at the South Bank it’s a must at night where you will be greeted by the iconic Wheel of Brisbane and with the accompanying autumn breeze, you will find the walk a pleasant one.

To my delight there was a night market going on nearby and we decided to check it out!

The next morning we went to Anouk Cafe to indulge ourselves with breakfast and richly aromatic coffee. Anouk Cafe is situated at the road side and the shop was once an apothecary. Inside the cafe might be a bit tight to maneuver freely when the morning crowd comes in but the staffs were so helpful and attentive they decided to sit me at the front of the cafe with the best view of outside!

Anouk Cafe 💪 💪

After having a bolus of caffeine, we were ready to explore Brisbane city and the first stop was none other than Brisbane City Hall. Its a must go to place when you are in Brisbane! With its breathtaking architecture, clock tower and a museum, you will be spending quite some time exploring it. Not to mentioned free guided tours too! Sadly I was unable to ride the lift up to the clock tower as there were steps once you reach the top most of the tower. Despite that, all the area in Brisbane City Hall including the museum were fully accessible.

Another sight to behold was the Cathedral of St Stephen with its colorful mosaic tiles and medieval design. The cathedral was far from the main city and by the time you reach you can feel your arm muscles aching as it can get hilly some part of the streets (or maybe it was just me).

These were just a few places I have been to and which I thought it might be interesting to have a visit when you want to have a barrier free trip. All in all, it’s doable to travel solo in Brisbane city abide some 💪 💪 💪 were required when you decide to bring your wheels for a spin!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller


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