The Golden Age

Yesterday we celebrated our Grandma’s 81st birthday with our own immediate family and a few close friends of hers. I can see how joyously she felt surrounded by her loved ones and I can’t help but see her young days when she interacted with her brothers and close friends. She would often joke with her brothers and that’s how she imparted her liveliness to those around her. Her brothers were a joy to be around even though they might be decades older than us but hearing those stories from olden days etched a smile on my face. Seeing my grandma reminds me that I too want to grow old gracefully despite the common belief that you will be wrinkled, frail and feeble.

Outwardly you might look older but what is inside that makes you shine for many years to come.

Grandma with her third older brother
Laughing and joking along with her friends
Can’t believe she’s 81!


“Youth has no age”-Pablo Picasso


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