Accessible Oxford

Oxford has been one of my top places to visit and I have been fortunate enough to be there when the sun was out which made Oxford even more stunning! As usual, I took a train down from Birmingham (details on how to use the train was described in the Sheffield post), a short journey of 1 hour and 10 minutes. From the Oxford train station, it took us 15 minutes of walk/wheel to get to the city centre and the pathway was flat all the way with gentle inclination at certain part of the journey. On the way to Westgate, we passed by the Oxford Castle which looked like a great place to visit but unfortunately we didn’t manage to include it into our itinerary. First on the agenda was getting our breakfast and coffee fix at the Breakfast Club (I had the Full Monty and the portion was huge that it lasted me till dinner). 

Next we made our way to the University of Oxford passing Halifax Tower and Museum of Oxford (a good place to take photo!). Be prepared to be in awe when you enter the university! At every direction, it feels like you are in the Harry Potter world and there were plenty of shops selling harry potter merchandise as well. Within that area, you can cover places like Radcliffe Square, University Church of St Mary the virgin, Bodleian Library (paid admission) and Bridge of Sighs. 

Because of the good weather, we decided to stroll around passing the Magdalen Bridge where you can hire an Oxford punt but the way down to the river was unfortunately not wheelchair accessible due to cobblestoned pavement. There were a couple of museums to visit in Oxford but if you have limited time, the Oxford University Museum of Natural History should be in your priority list. Apart from its impressive Neo-Gothic building, you get to see different dinosaur specimen i.e imagine Night at the Museum and admissions were free too! 

Every of the attractions were in close proximities that we didn’t need any public transports to get around and the roll-ability within the city was good despite my initial fear of a cobble stoned city. I would say that Oxford is best to explore on foot/wheels because you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful architecture and hidden streets like the one below! 


“I think I just left my heart at Oxford” 



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